What is WetCare System?
Wet Cleaning Drying Finishing

WetCare is the original wet cleaning system from Miele for the gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning of delicate textiles made from wool, cashmere and silk as well as sophisticated garments from a range of fabrics.

Ace WetClean utilizes Miele's wet cleaning technology for our non-toxic dry cleaning and laundry services. All equipment and supplies are imported from Germany.
ace wetclean
ace wetclean
Process very gentle on textiles made from delicate fibres such as angora, cashmere, pure new wool and silk
All textiles with a W on the care label and many items with a P or F can be washed in this process without any problems
Very good removal of all water-soluble soils such as street dirt, urine, salts
Extiles retain their brilliance, have a fresh and pleasant smell as well as bounce and handle
No strain on workplace microclimate through solvent vapours
'Blue Angel' seal of approval for benefits to environment

Finishing Technology

Finishing or sizing is the application of a thin film on a garment to improve its shape.

After the cleaning process, your items will either be processed by our steaming equipment or pressed by our experienced cleaners.
dry cleaning technology
dry cleaning technology
Why “Resize” a Garment? The daily stresses on fibres (wearing and cleaning the garment) tend to undermine the original sizing. The garment loses its shape and fit. Sizing the garment will restore its original shape while keeping its flexibility. Our finishing care consists in a biodegradable product added during the cleaning process that revives the garment’s original shape and is particularly effective on natural fibres such as linen or coton.
Lastly, our sizing finishing care restores the colors of your items (for example, a silk scarf). You will see significant improvement on dark colors such as black or navy blue.
This very effective treatment limits the wrinkling which occurs during traveling by car, train or on flights. The sizing product we use helps the pants seat and the back of the knees as well as the back of your jackets to keep their shape for a longer period of time.

What is Online Order Portal?
Web Order App Order

Our online order portal is directly connected to our Point of Sale system, which contains everyone's info and all current pricing, powered by CleanCloud.

Your payment info is secured by a payment processor that even Ace WetClean and CleanCloud could not access your card info.

Basically, you are using our online order portal the same as you were ordering food or groceries.
Our Online Order Portal can be accessed thru: Our website, CleanCloud hosted website, CleanCloud App.
24/7 Active
Secure Ordering
Most up to date pricing
Free pick-up and delivery
In-App Chat with in-store staff
Earn royalty point to redeem services
Free gift and coupon from time to time
Invite friends to get free store credits
Exclusive laundry subscription plans for household
Effortless recurring pickup and delivery


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CBDC helped us getting the self-employed entrepreneur assistant funding from the provincial government.

CBDC's training fund helped us on bookkeeping skill training etc.

Also appreciate CBDC's CDAP funding to support us for this year's Online Ordering Portal.

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