How many different dry cleaning methods do you know?

professional wet cleaning
professional wet cleaning

Dry Cleaning is never dry and never clean for 200 years until professional wet cleaning is introduced in the 1990s.

Ace WetClean utilizes the original wet cleaning process, WetCare, from Miele for our non-toxic dry cleaning and laundry services. All equipment and supplies are imported from Germany.
professional wet cleaning

What is Professional Wet Cleaning?​​​​​​​

A water-based process, 100% environmentally-friendly (solvent-free) and automated for the benefit of your health, your family’s health as well as the environment.

Wet is the new Dry

ace wetclean

An efficient and delicate process which cleans optimally and thoroughly any types of fibres including wools, furs, cashmere, silk, suede, most types of leathers and any other items which cannot usually be dry-cleaned.

An efficient and gentle process which water-cleans fabrics initially recommended for dry-cleaning.

The level of cleaning featuring the following properties of water treatment:

Treatment of thin and water stains
Revived colours
Restored and reinflated fibre
Kill dust mites

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professional wet cleaning

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