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Discover the story of Ace WetClean on dry cleaning and laundry

Ace WetClean’s vision is:​​

​​“Smart & Nice Neighbours, Happy & Healthy Community.”

About Ace WetClean

Garment care should be a craft, not a commodity.

Ace WetClean’s wet cleaning process offers superior benefits. Professional wet cleaning requires special equipment, knowledge and skill. It has been a viable alternative to traditional dry cleaning since the mid-1990s. The process combines water – the universal solvent – and biodegradable detergents with technological advances in cleaning and finishing equipment. Wet cleaning is popular in California and the European Union.

Ace WetClean would be devoted to revolutionizing the local fabric care industry with superior cleaning ability but small footprint to the planet.

Choose us to be your dry cleaners / wet cleaners.

The Next Generation Dry Cleaners

Everything we do at Ace WetClean exhibits an uncompromising commitment to quality. We inspect every garment before care and read instructions to make sure it is cared for properly. Ace WetClean uses crystal-clear, treated water and 100% toxin-free solvents (water) to keep your clothes and your body chemical-free. Finally, they hand finish and personally inspect every garment.

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