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Skip your Laundry day is every day

We will help your laundry needs on demand or monthly with our Premium Wash and Fold Services. We provide Free Pick-up & Delivery (FPD) for any laundry subscriptions.


On demand


Start at 8 lb per load
Seperate Colour and White
Mixed wash with consent
Sorting fee may apply


Starting from $129/month

Subscrition Services
Cancel anytime
Unlimited weight
Weekly scheduled FPD
Free cancellation of pick-up & delivery
Free totes at sign-up


As low as $48/month

Subscription Services
Cancel anytime
Some unused quota rollover to next month
Scheduled FPD
You already have a lot to do around the house
Let us take care of your laundry and you can at least sit back when it’s laundry time.
Call, Email, Messenger, What's App us for your special needs.
We provide premium support thru all channels.

Check out the next generation dry cleaners

Ace WetClean’s advanced process not only allows us to clean clothing that is labeled “dry clean only” but in addition, we are able to produce superior results.

Discover the dry cleaners with excellent care and competitive pricing.

Starting from $15.99 dress $9.99 skirt $6.49 blouse $5.99 sweater $14.99 jacket $10.99 pant $24.99 suit $2.49 handkerchief $45 canada goose jacket $100 wedding dress
We do more than just clean your garments.
Look Better. Feel Fresher. Last Longer. Professional Wet Cleaned.
What is Professional Wet Cleaning?
A water-based process, 100% environmentally-friendly (solvent-free) and automated for the benefit of your health, your family’s health as well as the environment.

The new era of delivery (start July 2021)

Including ALWAYS FREE 24/7 laundry locker pick-up & delivery. Free home pick-up & delivery on route. On-demand Delivery of your choice as Skip your dishes, Doordash or InstaCart.

Visit our portal for Free Pick-up and Delivery!

First Route: Tuesdays & Fridays
Available at Tuesday 5 pm - 9 pm Friday 5 pm - 9 pm
Sit back and relax
We will drive to your home, office buildings, or to-be-launched lockers.
Send messages and receive notifications on the go
We will handle the rest

The new generation of dry cleaning

WetCare is the original wet-cleaning system from Miele for the gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning of delicate textiles made from wool, cashmere and silk as well as sophisticated garments from a range of fabrics.

Say hello to fast turn around time in the Paradise community

We are thrilled to deliver your laundry back to you, folded, within 24 hours.

Hard to believe that one of the fastest growing community without laundry services? We are here to help that we will continue to grow, with everyone doing what they are doing the best.

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“Smart & Nice Neighbours, Happy & Healthy Community.”

We will help you dress smart & professional, and make sure you are happy with the smell of your newly cleaned garments with no harmful chemicals that used in the traditional dry cleaning.

We will hand press and finishing your clothes and try our best to return to you just under 2 days.

Text us FAQs

How can I access your services? How convenience are they?

We are still slowly rolling out our free pick-up & delivery and 24/7 Laundry Lockers. We will need your support to speed up the process!

Pick-up & Delivery

Increased convenience if you are too busy to drop by.

24/7 Laundry Lockers

Super convenience! But we need your help to implement in your office buildings / apartments.


We will help you get your clothes in & out of the shop.

In Store

It looks like the least convenience method, but you get the chance to chat with our wonderful staff.

Get your laundry and dry cleaning done in no time.
You deserve the fast & convenience services.
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Special discount for everyone is ending

The fight is not over yet! We will continue to fight together – with your continuing support and our excellent services.




Fight Together
Great offer
You can still receiving 15% off until Jan. 1st, 2022 by ordering thru our portal/App or show us your are using our App during your visit.
We have to make the decision
With increased global supply cost of 30% to 40% and other cost, we are strive to keep our price unchanged but remove our GREAT discount to fight COVID together.
World-class Services
We provide world-class services with competitive price to align with local market.
Made for Our Dry Cleaning Lovers

Introducing: 24/7 Laundry Lockers and Free Pick-up & Delivery.

Free to sign-up by filling your info thru our Secure Order Portal or App. - Secured by our POS provider

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Contactless & Convenience! Of course, it is easy to use and order!

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