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Dry Cleaning

Unlike what its name implies, dry-cleaning is not a “dry” process and it is not a true “cleaning” process. Garments are immersed in a powerful liquid solvent which evaporates during the cleaning process. Called “PERC” by the industry, perchloroethylene is the solvent most frequently used and is the most efficient, with the exception of water. It may, however, damage fabrics and cause colour bleeding/loss, especially at high temperatures. In some cases, it may damage the special trims, buttons and beads on some garments. It is very efficient in eliminating oil-based stains (representing approximately 10% of stains) than more common water-soluble stains (coffee, wine, blood, sweat, urine, etc).

Perchloroethylene is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a “Group 2A: probable carcinogens to humans.” It is a suspected developmental, gastro-intestinal, kidney, reproductive, respiratory, skin and sensory organs toxicant. Perchloroethylene also poses a risk to the environment because it is persistent in water and soil and very persistent in sediments and air. The EPA has stated that garments dry-cleaned with perchloroethylene can increase the level of the toxin in the entire household, particularly in the room where the clothes are stored. Many environmental jurisdictions in Canada, the United States and elsewhere in the world have passed laws and regulations to restrict (or abolish) the use of perchloroethylene.

Yes, there are many improved methods to dry clean your garments. Most of them are still using chemicals as solvents which are also reused many times as PERC, except Professional Wet Cleaning. The alternative chemical solvents can still hurt the environment and possibly your health. The full comparison can be found here.

You garment does need special care. Fabricare organizations around the world are working together to start to change the care label. We believe it should be labeled as Professional Care or Professional Clean Only. You can still choose to use different dry cleaning techniques, but wet is the new dry. (click to watch YouTube) Attention: your delicate garments should not be cleaned in consumer level washer/dryer set.

Professional Wet Cleaning

Professional Wet Cleaning is an alternative to conventional dry cleaning. The process involves computer controlled washers and dryers, specially formulated biodegradable detergents, and specialized finishing equipment. Professional wet cleaners can now provide a cost-effective alternative to dry cleaning that is healthier for the customer as well as environmentally friendly.

Professional Wet Cleaning uses waterpower and 100% green detergents as cleaning agents while dry-cleaning requires the uses of fossil-fuel-based solvents (toxic). Furthermore, and contrary to what we may think, a Professional Wet Cleaning cleaning cycle uses less water and energy. For example, we use 70 litres of water and 2.4 kWh of electricity in a complete Professional Wet Cleaning cycle while the equivalent dry-cleaning cycle requires the use of 275 litres of water to cool the equipment and 15 kWh of electricity.

Water movement has always been the source of efficient cleaning. Not only does it thoroughly clean dirt imbedded between the fibres, but water movement combined with the appropriate detergent eliminates any types of stains. In fact, stains like coffee, wine, blood, sweat, urine and others are only soluble in water. However, an improper use of water as a cleaning agent may damage delicate fibres leading manufacturers to require that certain types of fibres only be dry-cleaned. The Professional Wet Cleaning solution acquired by Ace WetClean consists of a very advanced technology which coats the fabric fibres with a 100% environmentally friendly protection before being soaked in water. Once the fibre is protected, water is let loose to use its power to loosen tough stains and dirt and wash them away without damaging the fabric.

Ace WetClean

“Smart & Nice Neighbours, Happy & Healthy Community.” We believe our Professional Wet Cleaning process will help you dress smart and look nice, while you can enjoy your family time and we can reduce foot print to the earth together.

Ace WetClean utilize Miele’s WetCare System to provide non-toxic dry cleaning (the Professional Wet Cleaning) and laundry services to the community. The details of our technology can be found at our Technology tab.

Ace WetClean provide convenience to the community at neighbour’s doorstep. We will help you with professional garment care needs. We are also here to help you with your household items cleaning. If you are too busy to do your laundry, we can help you wash, dry, and fold needs on your everyday wear, towels, etc. Our base prices are listed and you can do online estimate.

We open 8:30am until 5:30pm Mondays to Fridays, 10:00am to 3:00pm on Saturdays, except our Statuary Holidays, including New Years Day, Christmas Day. If you require Rush Service that will require us work out of our regular hours, we will help you with a rush service fee, starting at $25, $25/hour for exceeded hours.

You can drop your items to us at 1108 KENMOUNT ROAD, upstairs of White Pines Wellness Center. We do offer complimentary pick-up and delivery to homes with a minimum order of $60. We are working on an exciting next generation dry cleaning pick-up and delivery project, called Ace WetClean 24/7 Laundry Lockers. All can accessed thru our web portal.

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24/7 Laundry Lockers

24/7 Laundry Lockers are intended to serve the community for everyone’s laundry and dry cleaning needs 24/7 at the doorstep. The laundry locker measures 390mm x 600mm x 2000mm that will fit our VIP laundry tote and garment bags. You will be required to register us from our customer portal or login to provide credit card info. to use our lockers. We do not store credit cards, they will be stored with the secured payment processor.

Laundry Lockers are not in service yet. We will place lockers around the community after enough office/apartment company/building owners signed up with us to place our free laundry lockers in their buildings or offices. If you or you know someone is interested, please contact us by email to, or any other method on Contact-Us page

If you can access one of the laundry lockers that in a secured building/office, you can place your items in the locker, lock the locker with 4 digits random PIN code, place your order by scanning the QR code or typing in your phone number and locker number to on our web portal. You will receive notification by email and/or SMS with a new locker number and PIN when your items are ready. For more details, please visit

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Service FAQ

No – It is a common misconception that water by itself shrinks clothes. An incorrect combination of mechanical action, high temperatures and water can cause fibres to contract, as can excessive drying. Our washers and dryers have computerized controls that enable us to program the treatment of each load for multiple variables such as water and detergent volume, degree of mechanical action, water and drying temperatures, and moisture levels in dryers. This flexibility allows us to customize and meet the specific cleaning needs of each type of fabric, thereby minimizing any potential for shrinkage. Our trained professionals also use reforming equipment to ensure that each garment’s form is retained.

Professional wet cleaners use additional tools to help maintain garment quality including: • Dye-setting agents that reduces bleeding by preventing dyes from washing out of garments • Mild bleaching agents that can remove tough stains without fading colours.

We encourage our customers to point out stains at drop off so we pay close attention to that particular spot during the cleaning process. You should have seen a mini slip that states the following: “Special Attention has been given to this garment but the SPOTS or STAINS remaining cannot be removed without causing damage to the colour or material. We call this to your attention so you may realize that it has not been overlooked.” Due to hundreds of clothes being cleaned daily, it may happen that a particular stain was overlooked. If this is the case, we apologize sincerely and would love to take care of it immediately at no extra cost to you.

We encourage our customers to clean their duvet every 6 months. If you have delicate filled duvet, please bring to professional dry cleaners since delicate filled duvet cannot be washed.

We will try our best to get your garments serviced to best condition could be. Accident may happen, but our top quality control process should be able to pick-up any mistakes happen during cleaning and finishing process. If you are not satisfied with your service, please report to us within 24 hours and we will re-process your item for free. If it’s our fault that cause damages, we will follow guidelines set out for dry cleaning industry to compensate the damage. Please refer to our service terms for the detailed guidelines.

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Ace WetClean follows standards and policies set by the Fabricare Industry, Canadian Fabricare Association and the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute. You can find a copy of our Service Terms and Conditions at the footer.

You can sign the simplified consent form in store or by reading the consent form to agree our relationship as service provider and customer.

Liability for any reason (including, but not limited to, lost or damaged items) is limited to the lesser of 10 times the cleaning cost or the depreciated value of the item as determined by the International Fabricare Institute (I.F.I.) guidelines. If you believe the depreciated value of your garment/item exceeds 10 times our service charge, please declare the value. In which case the garment/item will be serviced at 1/10th of the declared value of the item.

Ace WetClean will collect your name, phone number and email for communication and promotion purposes. You are welcome to provide us with more info for us to serve you better (birthday gift etc), and we will not resale your data. If you register with us thru our Customer Portal or provide us your credit info. in the shop or thru the phone, your Credit Card info will be store with the payment processor. Ace WetClean or the POS software cannot view or retrieve your credit card info. Please update your profile if you start a new card or your stored one is expired. You can find a copy of our Privacy Policy at the footer.

We are offering complimentary pick-up and delivery to homes with a minimum order of $60. Also, we will start to offer complimentary 24/7 Laundry Lockers and pick-up and delivery from and to any lockers with minimum order of $30

Yes – Ace WetClean is started with and bonded to environmental-friendly dry cleaning and laundry. Our dry cleaning and laundry process produce very small foot print, less than home use laundry system. We also introduce our own reusable package program. To help with the cost, we are providing LEASE to OWN options for our WetCare Subscribers.

For security of our employees and customers, we have security cameras collecting video and image footage at the reception area and working area. We will not share footage to employees or customers unless it calls out an investigation.

For workers and customers safety, please do not touch any equipment if you are not trained for. Customers are not recommended to go to the back area unless you have a scheduled tour with us while equipment are not running.

Our everyday operation policy includes masks and gloves while handling customer’s un-processed items. It’s normal for us to wear masks and gloves. Due to COVID-19, additional measure is taken, including one customer in the shop at a time (unless in your extended bubble), curbside drop-off & pick-up, contactless payments, and items won’t be processed within 24hours of drop-off if there are many active COVID cases. Starting Aug. 24th, customers are required to wear mask when entering store. If you would rather not wearing one, we can come out to chat with you and register your items (curbside service). If you can’t pay with contactless payments, we can take cash, but we will put the changes to your account as store credits.

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