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Omicron & Fabrics

Omicron & Fabrics
January 3rd, 2022: Due to limited resources on the new Highly Contagious Omicron Variant & Fabric and continuing high cases in this province, we have to temporary close our shop to protect our customers, staff and community, especially the nature of our services that must be in close contact of every customer’s garments.We will keep our delivery and locker services open but be noticed that we will require the items to be in a disposable bag or our RESUABLE bag. Your items will be staying the condition 3 days after we received you item and the cleaners will have your items cleaned and leave inside garment bags for 3 days before we notice you it is ready. Therefore, the minimum turnaround time will be 7 days until we have further update. Sorry about the inconvenience, but your safety is our top priority.For last year’s order pick-up, please contact us online to schedule an appointment.We will update on January 17th for further info.
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